Coinomi wallet, collect dividends support

Hello, why the coinomi wallet does not support for collecting nushares dividens, It is very important to have this feature, I cannot have all the time my wallet installed on a desktop pc.
Well lets see about comments about this,

Doesn’t sound so hard to import the NSR private keys into the internal PPC wallet. @erasmospunk ?

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That… is actually a very interesting question. The wallet supports Peercoins already. @erasmospunk might be able to comment on the ability for dividends to show up in the wallet.

It could be problem because its a HD wallet, so although the PPC keys could be stored separately from the normal key tree, they could not be explicitly recovered from the seed (which would be fine because they can be recovered from the NSR keys). Sounds a little bit hacky though.

Another solution would be to implement a feature that sends all the peercoins on the corresponding NSR/PPC address to a PPC address within the wallet, at the cost of the tx fee of course.

The NSR keys are separate than the PPC keys. Check the BIP44 spec and the registered coin types, as you see Peercoin is on index 6, while NSR on 11.

It would be simple to implement this feature, in the a way that any dividends will appear in the NuShares wallet or that there will be a virtual wallet called something like NuShares dividends.

I haven’t looked at this feature, are there people that have dividends stuck in their Coinomi NSR wallets?

Is there any update on this? It would be incredibly convenient to have dividend collection built into Coinomi

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