Coino Index - Cryptocurrencies Industrial Index

[size=24pt]Coino Index[/size]
[size=22pt]Cryptocurrency Industrial Average[/size]

[size=20pt]Nushares is part of the top20 altcoin index:, The index includes the top 20 alternative cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization and tracks the value of the portfolio (in BTC), in which each coin has a 5% share. The index was created to be an analogue of Dow-Jones or S&P indexes for the altcoins arena.[/size]

[size=20pt]Rules of index composition:

  • Coin should be traded on at least three exchanges, with cumulative daily volume above $1,000 for the last 14 days
  • Coins that track a value of a certain asset (USD, CNY etc) cannot be included.
  • Each coin included in the portfolio is given the same weight.[/size]

You can invest in the index by using the NXT Asset Exchange, NXT Asset ID 13634675574519917918 ( The asset tracks the index value, and constant buy/sell liquidity is maintained. You can invest using NXT cryptocurrency (you can exchange BTC to NXT directly in the NXT client


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