Coin control for NuShares

Is there a hidden feature for coin control available in the Nu client?
I didn’t find one in the options…

In case someone wants to split the NuShares to different wallets, would that currently only be possible by exporting and importing the private keys?
I mean, sending them to a different address is for sure possible, but without the possibility to select which address to send them from, lots of NuShares might need to wait for another 7 days before they can mint…
…and 7 days seems to be a lot of time at the moment :wink:

I think the client software doesn’t currently have coin control.

No we don’t have coin control yet. We will eventually. I’m not sure what you could do in this case. You could move the wallet to another machine, but that will move all the shares.

This was more or less an academic question.
But thank you anyway for the answers!

We started to merge in Peerunity, but ran out of time to ensure we had enough time to test before release. It is on the roadmap

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That’s good to hear. I bet sooner or later someone will want to use this feature :wink:

I’ve already wanted it a couple of times in the past few weeks :slight_smile:

I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one thinking of use cases for coin control in the Nu client.

I miss coincontrol, too. I think before coincontrol is implemented, the way to pick which address to send from is making another wallet, exporting those address to the new wallet, and sending from there.

One might think of ways to spread the risk of being attacked by malware and come to the conclusion to have Nu clients run on different operating systems.

Exporting all private keys and splitting them to new different wallets seems to be the only feasible way.
The benefit of that way is that no transaction is needed and no NuShares need to wait 7 days.
The drawback is that you can only split the NuShares by their private key…