Coin control and parking

It just appeared to me that we don’t have coin control when parking NuBits. The reason I like to have it is providing transparency on which coins provided by donations and grants are going where in the addresses under my control.
In this case I only want to park my fee and contribution to hosting of the last grant, but would like the address for the donations untouched.

Is coin control for parking something on the roadmap? e.g. for 0.6?

It’s planned but it’s not assigned to any release yet. It’s client side only so it can be done outside a protocol update. So it probably won’t be part of 0.6.0 which will certainly only include protocol changes. Maybe 0.6.1, or 0.5.5 if we want to push that.

In the meantime the best solution is to create a temporary new wallet and import only the addresses you want to park.