CNN documentary on bitcoin - Can't pay for a cup of coffee



25 $ minimum. nice.


Why would 25$ be less subject to volatility than 50 cents? Actually with 25, if BTC values goes down the business owner losses increases. :hammer:


I didn’t get that either. He voluntarily increases his exposure to volatility.


Video on Bitcoin: “As more people use it, the little boat raft will gradually grow into a big ship and become more stable”
–> What is the basis for such statement? Why such statement again?


Short answer: That’s what the hardcore deflation fans in the bitcoin community HOPE will happen. It’s been mentioned so repetitive, that some CNN journalists seem to think it could actually work. Which it most likely won’t. Or they blindly believed this thesis (that’s what it is), without questioning it.


What’s also interesting is that the stable bitcoin bigger ship is actually loaded of piles of coins -
What coin? What do they mean by that? satoshis?


This is a pretty good video