CMC features requests

CMC currently is not adequately demonstrating NuBits characteristics.

  • First the Price Graph is measured with BTC not USD which Deprive NuBits from its Nice steady horizontal line demonstrating the peg maintaining success.

  • Second as @cryptog said, NuBits in not only the 4th biggest trade volume right now but its also the biggest velocity with Huge gap :

Now NuBits velocity have reached 30% !

So, what we need now is to contact with CMC and ask them to add the VELOCITY field and changing the PRICE GRAPH to represent the price in USD instead of BTC .

As far as i know we can do this through :
Filling the request form
Replying on Bitcointalk and
Mentioning the Twitter account

Please let me know if there is another contact we can reach through.

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It’s more likely to build our own tool to show off real time data and flat lines. I started a side project trying to achieve that but don’t have enough time.

I think this is so important I am willing to pay someone else to build it.

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And , btw, I think we should all stop relying on CMC as if it was THE most important piece of infrastructure. Its just one among other services, born slightly more than 1 year ago and snobbed by most people in the BTC community and also alts . Moreover we want to reach a target that is far and beyond the reader of coinmarket cap that just ignore a coin that doesn’t give any hope to traders.

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Agree, but don’t underestimate the value of name recognition when listed on CMC. It is like the Yellow pages for crypto. The higher, the more visibility. Many new people end up on that site to start looking which cryptocurrencies to buy, invest or use. So it is important, but indeed not the MOST important…

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@desrever Why don’t you create a custodian proposal for that?

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