Clients on 3.0.1 or older minted fork chain – Upgrade to 5.0.1!

There was a long fork chain by clients on 3.0.1 or older. Both chains had slow block generation. The proper chain appears to have caught up and is now seeing rapid block generation. Please upgrade to 5.0.1 and mint to help reduce the issue.

The address SjHMF9zuPcMMMJd3uFGfMnGWEJt5gLPvQ7 was the primary minter on the fork chain. If that happens to be you, upgrade as soon as possible. Don’t make any transactions using 3.0.1 or older to avoid losing funds.

Linux 5.0.1:
Windows 5.0.1:
macOS 5.0.1:

SHA-256 checksums:

48de80c5fed8891bc694eada0a40d26460146249ff4b12275b4ed8ef3d307092  Nu-5.0.1.dmg

Your client may fail to continue with your current blockchain database, meaning you need to remove blk0001.dat and blkindex.dat from the wallet directory and redownload the blockchain.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Bitcoin
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Nu
  • Linux: ~/.nu

Please find instructions for a faster way to download the entire blockchain here: Download NuBits blockchain (bootstrap)

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is v 5.0.1 working well?
I d like to make sure before making the upgrade.

It appears to me, though I’m not certain, that the only problems have been caused by lack of adoption.

I have tried 5.0.1 on a separate machine. It got stuck to a block generated 10 days ago.
I guess I need to redownload the whole blockchain using @Cybnate s torrent.
Right ?

I used the Torrent and have an up to date 5.0.1 client. It was much much faster than re-downloading the whole blockchain from scratch too.

tks a lot for sharing. I ll do the same then.