Circle payment gateway

Very interesting. We need to reach out and tell them about NBT.

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No source code?
For that type of software almost a must in my opinion.

Please explain further…

I had a quick look at the page and when skimming it for the link to the source code, didn’t find any.
I’d never feel good a software like this on my phone without source code availability.
It’s still dangerous with open code, like we can see at Cryptsy (which claims to have been robbed by a malicious wallet software).
But without open code? No way.
The only reason to run Nu, when it was closed software, was trust in the developers.
And despite the trust, I ran it in isolated environments, e.g. on a RaspberryPi.

Well, Apple and Google at least checks it to some degree, right? Even with source we couldn’t know whether Circle pushes that code to the app stores. Circle is also a company that would (or should) be liable.

Apple users are a bit lost. Android users can compile from code and install that apk file.
Would you trust Apple’s standard scans and heuristics to find code snippets in crypto coin related apps (consider Apple’s experience with that type of software due to their policy) that empty wallets to an address coded by the app developer?
Circle might be held liable, but if a rogue developer steals more then Circle can compensate, it will end bad for the users.
Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Apple made developer accounts free (at least to some degree), so we can actually compile from source now through Xcode 7.

I wouldn’t fully trust that, no, but I do (or will) anyway. :no_mouth: I don’t use Circle, but say I actually began paying with coins, I would choose to trust some wallet in the App Store. Compiling oneself and updating just isn’t practical. Wouldn’t keep all my funds in it, though.

I encourage paranoia, but in practice I think it’s not going to be a huge concern for most people. I do wish it were, so there’d be a more forceful push toward practices of such transparency. Say verifying that an app is built on the code we can view. Something like Gitian, maybe.

This looks like some competition with wallets:

Circle adds British Pounds and Euros backed by a major bank to their wallets, basically integrating Bitcoin with fiat in a way.