Characters for NuBits & NuShares

We recently updated our translations to include NuBits and NuShares. Our translations are currently NuBits and NuShares as 纽比特 and 纽股份 respectively.

We were curious if anyone else has been translating them differently so we can maintain consistency.

@Sabreiib would be a good resource for this.

I am told from my chinese staff that the correct version are as follows as it seems one of above means bitshares and not nushares.

Nubits 纽比特 it is right
Nushares 纽股币

BitShares=比特股, so Nushares= 纽股(币)

The articles in english already out will soon be out in both russian and chinese from cryptoarticles translations and material supplied by CCEDK

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Excellent, we appreciate your assistance in helping maintain consistency.

We had 纽股份 above not 比特股.

Do you know why 币 was used? It is my understanding that 币 is translates to currency or coin. We opted for 份 since NuShares signify a portion of ownership of the DAC rather than being a traditional currency.

@ronny: Would you ask your translators why they did not choose to use 纽股份? We really don’t think 币 is the appropriate character since NuShares are not technically meant to be treated as a currency but rather as a share of a decentralized company.

We would really like to work the community to find a consistent translation but we also want to correctly represent the meaning.

I dont know any Chinese, but that is an important distinction.
( currency vs share of a decentralized company)

In the Press Kit (, 纽股份 appears to be used for NuShares.

@Jimmy, @tomjoad, @Sabreiib : Any commentary on the “accepted” character treatment (or official, if there is such a thing)?

I’m not in a position to be of much help, unfortunately.

I disagree with ronny’s guy translation about nushare, I don’t understand why he/she uses 币(currency) on NSR.
Anyway, IMO 99% cryptos coins are mixture of currency and shares.

Hello @Sabreiib, and Excoin as well, I appreciate the correction of the comments from my guy, it seems his focus was placed more on the idea of a currecny than shares as such. I will be sure to tell him this correction, and perhaps ask him to read the Whitepaper before making me look bad, heh.

Sorry about this, I will sure to have this entered in upcoming article from Cryptoarticles with a focus on the more technical part. Be sure to read the Nubits one also to be released, it seems they will both come out here before Christmas and New Years.

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings to you all


May I try to introduce “纽股权” for NuShare? "权“ means “right”, which suggest we need the share or “right” to mint, vote, and even “issue” NuBits. @Ben

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NuBits = 纽比特 and NuShares = 纽股份 are exactly very good translation. They are all transliterations in Chinese. They are not boastful. They are simple and plain. Last but not least, they are very easy to remember and promote.

P.S.: Nu = 纽 transliterated in Chinese. Bits = 比特 in Chinese, and Shares = 股份 in Chinese.


That is good!
i like NuBits = 纽比特 and NuShares = 纽股份