Central Nubits Index / Peg Tracking

By now we can trade nubits at so many places that it becomes difficult to track how well the peg is kept. Also, we temporarily lose the peg sometimes at some exchanges and it is hard to tell which exchange has enough liquidity to absorb the nubits supply.

Because of that, I think we need some centralized database of exchanges and their liquidity info so that people would know where to go to trade their nubits. It would also help us to monitor the peg and ideally publish that central point of data to other price trackers such as coinmarketcap.

I was thinking that if winkdex.com keeps track of the bitcoin price then we should perhaps make our own index that keeps track of the nubits price while providing proof and references about the validity of that data.

I personally have once made a mistake of depositing my nubits to an exchange that had its nubits buy side liquidity all dried up so I had to wait a lot of time to sort things out. If there was a central overview for the public to see about the liquidity of nubits then such problems could be avoided.

Finally, such a peg tracking would allow us to make our own shapeshift.io alternative where to sell and buy nubits centrally because then we could publish the “trading” history from that service to the coinmarketcap and allow the whole world to see how greatly nubits has kept its peg.


I think we already discussed that in the past and my understanding is that we would get our own tracking system instead of relying on coinmarketcap.

Yes, and I think that if we posted the proof as references then even if the peg is lost according to coinmarketcap, it isn’t really lost. Perhaps we could make a special deal with coinmarketcap to include our index?