CCEDK withdrawals impaired

The summary, as I’ve been able to piece it together:

  • Kiara Tamm (@KTm) is one of the custodians who supports CCEDK. She has multiple accounts for different trading pairs (NBT/USD, NBT/EUR, NBT/PPC, NBT/BTC)
  • At some point in the past six weeks, CCEDK had a breach (or breaches) due to a hack or a bug. This/these attacks resulted in a situation where customer funds were lost (denominated in BTC, NBT, and NSR – possibly other cryptos, but I’m not sure). At least three of Kiara’s accounts were affected.
  • CCEDK wanted to settle with Kiara to pay back the funds that were lost. They could not (obviously) replace the ~86,000 worth of her NBT lost with NBT that they no longer had, so they worked out a deal to use their corporate (non-customer) NSR holdings instead.
  • This settlement only covered two of the three accounts that Kiara had funds stolen from. There are approximately 34,000 NBT worth of funds that need to still be paid back.

Did I get that right?


I’ve always wondered that in the case of nubits the nushareholders actually have the power to reverse a transaction of stolen coins by voting for it. has anyone else considered this as a possibility?

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