CCEDK fund repayment Schedule to NuShareholders

@ronny it is now late afternoon.
I understand you are now working on the payment. Please inform us.



Ok so I am finally here. I have converted the first part of 20 BTC, sofar some NBT 6369 of some 12 BTC, an another 8 BTC tomorrow, and by the end of afternoon I will have these funds sent from Poloniex to my wallet and then processed according to information given earlier here. It will be approx 8 pm Danish time i will then close an appox 10600 NBT worth.

Since CCEDK will stop all exchange trading activities basically fom tomorrow and concentrate in full on the exchange activities on OpenLedger, the suggestion of continued co operation lies very much in the interest from your side in co operating with this platform and with CCEDK in regards to the services offered in future by CCEDK to OpenLedger and its ICO activities.

The suggested future co operation and ways of reducing the remaining outstanding amount and hopefully afterwards continue only one way and thats up are as follows:

  1. return an amount of 20 BTC equivalent to some 10.600 NBT tomorow night wednesday June 1st.
  2. Work towards adding liquidity as much as possible in whichever trading pairs of interest on OpenLedger. This co operation will be done with Ivan to ensure the necessary Api conection is created and as soon as possible.
  3. Agreeing to the above and once fully initiated with a mentioning on discuss nubits of Openledger as new exchange added,although already available for more than 3 months, I will add another 10 BTC worth of NBT to be settled right away.
  4. Once liquididty has been established we can start promoting the activities of Nubits on OpenLedger, of which one major contribution will be the monthly ICO’s presented on OpenLedger where a stable currency is needed to insure best possible outcome throughout and perhaps even after the ICO of the currency in question.
  5. We will agree on a percentage CCEDK as the escrow service will be offered to make use of NBT as the currency to be used to hedge the funds, and this percentage will then in full be used to return any outstanding.
  6. 25% of the fees connected with any transactions of NBT, NSR and BKS will also be used to help settle the remaining outstanding. 25% because 50% is the fee for the contractor handling all crypto currencies called and the remaining 25% is for the OBITS holders an their monthly buybacks as part of the gerneral profit distribution of all OPEN assets, which are in fact all backed by outside currencies like ETH, BTC, NBT, PPC etc. I need to give them something for them to be ok with a temporary reduction. My general point here is better a percentage of something than of nothing and at present the transactions of NBT on OpenLedger is practically nothing although many is asking for the hedge option from Nubits.
    7, We will soon be adding Tether to OpenLedger as well, and we might have to discuss in future what is the currency used for hedging on OpenLedger, for now it is however my intention to offer you this possibility to help quickly solve the outstanding and in the same time promote NuBits as always a dollar and the stable currency used in the escrow services to secure the value of funds achieved.
  7. OpenLedger is providing a very efficient and speedy deposit and withdrawal of both NBT, NSR and BKS all in automode, so unlike CCEDK BKS is for instance always easily acccesible on OpenLedger, and I suggest you make use of this service at least untill you have the BCExchange up and running, and no they are not decentralized backed the same way as they would be on the BCExchange, they are instead offered in the similar way any centralized exchnage would offer them excpet for one important point. They are all mentioned as open assets like OPEN.NBT, OPEN.NSR and OPEN.BKS and on OL these assets are backed by the real crypto deposited and located in hot an cold wallets. You may see all transactions, who are doing these transactions, how much is in fact available in both hot and cold wallets, basically all is fully transparent and I believe you will learn to appreciate this fact.

I cannot pormise you anything right now, I do have the capacity however in near future to offer you being traded on yet another platform with almost unlimited BTC liquidity, and I am saying this only to show you that I do believe in NBT and that I would like to help NBT to have mainstream acceptance.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

PS.: sorry but i do have some sales genes in me also, so I cannot help sharing with you our latest video presening the ICO of the token ICOO mentioned above.

And yes it is possible to buy tokens with NBT a well, and no on this token I am afraid I cannot give any special dicsounts, although I am willing to consider a 10% of all ICOO purchases in remaining 31 days from Nubits community as a additional way to help reduce the remaining outstanding. **

All you need to do is mention under promotion code: NuBits, and i will reserve that amount for final settlement end of month.**


Check out our new video for ICOO!

Cool, thanks. Do you want to write something up or just have me copy and paste that as a motion and we’ll have shareholders vote on it? Just if you want official validation of this as an acceptable plan that everyone agrees on.

I would be happy to have the community vote on this for sure. In many ways that would make things so much easier going forward. So either copy and paste, or someone in your end make it more user friendly. I do know I tend to write a whole story everytime, its why it takes me time in the first place to write, heh. So pls go ahead best way possible.



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So, you want to write it? I’d really rather not put my own voice into this, but I’d be happy to post it on daology for you. You can just make a (free) account on yourself if you want. It autohashes the motions and easily provides a raw txt you can copy and paste to the forum, and we’ll do the rest.

Or just drop something here you want me to hash and I’ll make a post for it and stuff.

Again, i can also just copy and paste what you already wrote if you want if that’s what you want.

I am sorry, I would be happy to offer you some OBITS from OL as reward, but have no idea on how to do whatever you mention. So copy and paste is perhaps the solution.



No problem, no cost. Do you want to write something more official, or is the 7 bullet point list good for you?

I wish I had more time to do it even better, but think in the interest of all parties best to act on what is already made, thanks

Hey is this good?

pls copy again and paste, I noticed quite a few typos. I have corrected those, andd i suggest even ading the video. It creates substance and is backig the whole suggetsion.

I copied it again. You can’t hash videos, I’ll put it in the thread that we put up for voting.

Would be nice to just return the btc to FLOT address 3HikFkS2Zinab1TJq7dqp6wSPyLu7i7bhe so they can be used to defend the peg.


Can you confirm above adress for the BTC 8,00 but then what rate we use for the count of how much nbt is left afterwards, the going rate on CMC?

The address is from:

It’s the official FLOT T4 BTC address.
CMC or a recognized price feed like or will do.
I dare say we won’t quarrel over a few USD vagueness per BTC.

I suggest @ronny get a price and post the price and web address in a post below. One of the FLOT members (@cryptog, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @masterOfDisaster, @jooize, @mhps, @ttutdxh, @woodstockmerkle) will go over to the address and read it, then post it. These two numbers should be rather close and that will convince it’s fair and verified.
FLOT is OK with it?

Sure. Ok!


That’s OK!