Can you provide paid marketing for NuBits?

Do you know firms suited to work with Nu, or are you in marketing yourself? We seek experts to pay for quality results. Contact me via email or @Phoenix via email or Bitmessage at BM-2cU99iZPcZ4AJUCzU2G797SNc9aRkLkyL9.

Nu would benefit from marketing in many forms. Advertisement for awareness. Infographics for understanding. A continuous flow of news and a social media presence. Go ahead and post any ideas you have!


Payments online should obviously be made using NuBits. Our stable cryptocurrencies are what regular people really want to keep their online funds in. They don’t like being subject to the volatility of Bitcoin or its derivatives, and many don’t even consider using cryptocurrency because of it. We’re the solution!

@Cybnate has already taken the initiative on getting NuBits integrated with ShapeShift!

We need easy paths for anyone to purchase NuBits, hold them securely, and spend them. Bitcoin has by far the widest support worldwide, and paying via a proxy such as ShapeShift is extremely useful for all those, but I think the ultimate goal is to have integration directly at the level Bitcoin does. Do you agree?

Who or which company can create such integration with major or popular payment processors for us? Which one provides us with most coverage in shops where people care about digital currency?

Being accepted at a bank that provides debit cards funded out of cryptocurrency wallets would open up the entire world of VISA and MasterCard for people who want to manage their money digitally with the freedoms of cryptocurrency.

Customer’s perspective

  1. Buy NuBits.
  2. Own NuBits.
  3. Spend NuBits.

Those are the three most fundamental aspects we must care about because it’s what all our customers will do. A goal of Nu must be to simplify these steps to increase the likelyhood of people actually performing them.

NuBits’ website

The front page of is quite nice. I like it. Let’s improve it! The first you see is our shiny golden logo with the tagline “The World’s Best Digital Currencies”. I find it long. Replace it with “NuBits”! Then make “Introducing NuBits” instead be “World’s Best Stable Digital Currencies” (without full stop). Looks like this:

On websites that fill the entire window I find myself not sure whether there’s anything below. I’m sure people less technical than me could miss out on that, so we’ll replace the button “Download Wallet” (because what is a wallet anyway, and there’s a link in upper right too) with “Get started!” as a link maybe with an arrow to the steps down on the page, and below that a “Learn more.” to an explanatory section.

By the way, I question the use of “Free” for describing what people will in most cases need money for using. Does it make more sense than I realise?

At “Get started!” (I prefer imperative mood and not using title case in certain contexts) we first have an instruction to download the wallet. I feel that part assumes the person knows what the hell a wallet is and why they need one. Perhaps it must be like that and we can’t describe every detail, but we likely lose people already. Copy the download links from the page linked to and place them right there instead. Don’t make them leave the step-by-step guide at this point!

Next step is buying NuBits. The link “Find an exchange” is broken. Let’s list our exchanges right there as with the download links. Once the list of exchanges grow large again, I would promote a few and link to the page we use now.

The explanatory section should include why they want NuBits, how they can use them and where to spend them, how our whole bank affair even works and why they should trust us!

We’d be wise to consider including the investment opportunities along the way, but most customers shouldn’t be directly subjected to that.


There is one main competitor to Nu that is centralised with bank accounts and without the flexibility we have in using our own blockchain. What they have is lots of customers, exchange listings, and …? They have Android and iOS apps respectively, though using them requires you first register on their website and verify your identity (with two forms of photo ID, a proof of residency, and bank statement).

An app for Nu would be ready to use either immediately or after downloading the blockchain. Is it possible to begin downloading the blockchain from the point when their address first receives funds? Or compacting the blockchain download for moble use. A quick fix for speed would be to have it centrally hosted.

Mobile app

There is already NuDroid for Android by @Cybnate which integrates ShapeShift.

Now, I may be getting carried away and off topic but an iOS app for Nu with iMessage integration could be something quite interesting. Implementation might be tricky and not something we’ll have time or funding for right at this time, but to know which paths to take we must have the goals in mind. Technically I imagine sending NuBits to someone the first time would require giving the receiver a sort of key that enables them to securely communicate their wallet address back to the Nu app on the sender’s device. Depending on the abilities of iMessage Apps that may have to be relayed via push notifications to wake the app. Or! It can move the funds to a new address and send the private key in the message! The receiver app immediately moves them to their preferred address. If they’re not claimed, the sender is still in control of the funds. Centralized services can do this a lot easier, but we try to be powerful.

In Sweden everyone uses Swish which is a yet free service you connect your bank account and phone number to, enabling you to send money to any connected phone number, using your contact list of course. They could charge a fee and the convenience would be way worth it.

There’s often fragmentation of services unlike with Swish, but as Nu provides a unique product of what a large portion of the world uses daily and there’s no mobile social payments app with a stable cryptocurrency we can provide a crypto money app that’s worth bothering with! If they want to store their NuBits on that bank with debit cards, the app can automatically forward incoming funds there.


Just one idea for an iPhone app: Coinomi.

They already support NuBits in their Android app and their website states a version for iPhone is coming soon. We have a relationship with the owner of Coinomi, @erasmospunk. John, would you please tell us about your plans to offer Coinomi for iPhone? Perhaps we can work together on that goal.

Just to get some marketing started awaiting experts:

Approached the website as apparently there are issues with their support of NuBits looking at their coin listings. Offered to assist them if required.

Also posted the links to the current blockexplorers on r/Nubits.


Looked a bit into it. Do you mean a debitcard e.g, from Bitwala which support(ed) NuBits coupled with NuDroid? I suppose it won’t be too hard to create a rule to automatically transfer funds when funds arrive on a certain address. I do wonder however if there is added value in it. What would be the use case over just transferring the funds to the debitcard when you need them there? Would be a lot safer to hold them in your own control.

BTW Also followed up with Shapeshift and today as I haven’t heard back from them.

Bitwala looks interesting. I use CoinsBank with Bitcoin, but would like to keep funds in stable currency.

I think some people will enjoy being able to receive NuBits and not have to manage them. They would set up their mobile wallet to forward funds to their debit card. (If they’re manually sending someone their address, they could simply provide their bank address, but doing so makes it impossible for them to later prevent deposits to the bank should they not want funds sent there anymore.)

The idea was for messaging integration where the app handles everything for both parties without technical knowledge.

As long as the messaging app is trusted, we can send the private key of an address with funds. Either as a file that opens with the app, or a URL that opens in the app. Any app could register to open those, so it may not be viable or would have to be implemented with care. iMessage Apps might have solved that, and the share sheet covers iOS securely albeit with one extra tap (and swipe probably).

  1. Install NuBits.
  2. Open NuBits, which …
    1. Creates wallet with addresses.
    2. Offers to password protect wallet. Depending on user’s trust of platform and backup service, this may be made optional.
    3. Makes backup to iCloud or other service.
  3. Receive US-NBT link or data file via any messaging platform.
  4. Open US-NBT.nubits in NuBits, which …
    a. Asks what to do, first time or every time.
    b. Claims the funds by sending them to a new address, or keep them owned by all parties.
    c. Forwards the funds to specified address.
    d. Declines the funds.

Does this sound attractive? Is it desirable soon, later, or never?

We should create and describe real-world uses for NuBits.

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Have been able to contact coinpayments and made some progresss, but I highly suspect that the resource they provide for the NBT client is inadequate. It stops again and again after a while after I’ve asked them to look into it.
Asked again today. Here is their website/blockexplorer:
Getting this going might help us to get Shapeshift and others listing NBT again.

Have to admit that also have to regularly restart the client, so it would be great if those stability can be solved. Exchanges won’t like it, neither do I. Oddly enough I don’t see these problems with the client only with the daemon.

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