Can we write a HTML5 web app wallet for Nu and B&C?

Cross platform. I hope in future people can use it in a very simple way.

The problem with localized webpage apps is storage permissions. To really make it an app we need to give it a container (i.e. a custom browser), for which there should be some cross-platform options, but probably not as convenient as one would hope them to be. I think we already have something Java, something that NuDroid is based on.

RPC api can do that?

dysconnect is right…
The web app would need to connect to a server that holds the chain. But the user would still have to have the personal wallet. Which for safety would be on their machine.

You’d also need to modify how the program works by enabling multiple wallets and having security on the wallets and not the core…so it becomes more like 2 separate entities.

You can use IndexedDB to store much things for a long time, but again the security and feasibility of using IDB is an issue.

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