Can Jordan Lee be replaced?

Currently it seems that a lot of responsibilities are on the shoulders of Jordan Lee. To my understanding he is solely responsible for nushares distribution, for example. As a shareholder, I would like to have it clarified whether the NuNet is able to overcome the consequences of something fatal happening to JL. Is someone assigned to replace JL in that case?

isn’t he at the moment working with sigmike, and maybe erasmospunk at the same level?

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I don’t know but that’s what I intend to find out here. I would like to be sure that NuNet has no single point of failure.

Sigmike has been contributing to the Nu project for many months. Erasmospunk (Giannis) was announced as a Senior Core Developer about a month ago. We have many other members on the team contributing to QA and marketing activities. There is no single point of failure.

Ok, let me be more specific then. JL holds the private keys to the remaining nushares. Is he the only one with that access? If something happens to him, what happens to the undistributed nushares and can this particularly cause any permanent harm to NuNet?

It would be highly unlikely that he doesn’t have discrete contingency plans in place in the event of something happening, as it is the responsible thing to do. Besides, all undistributed NuShares are currently not minting, and thus cannot affect the voting totals.

Ok, so if JL has made it so that that the remaining nushares cannot be recovered in case he loses the private keys nothing bad would happen to Nu. That’s good to know.