Can I use an already established Peercoin address for dividends?

As title says, I’ve used the same address for Peercoin for a really long ass time without ever withdrawing from it. Anyway I can just have dividends deposited there?

Also, could somebody point me in the right directions for required reading before buying NSR? Thinking about picking a few up today.

Nope. The Peercoin addresses are automatically generated for you in the NuBits wallet, and they must be exported to your Peercoin wallet. Those are the only addresses that dividends can be sent to.

Edit: forget what I said. @sigmike is the wizard here.

For more info on NuShares you can check out the NuShares section to the left of our docs page.

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Here’s the beginning stuff. It’s outdated, but it does a much better job than the whitepaper:

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Actually you can but it requires you to convert your Peercoin address to an NSR address and send all your NSR to this single address.

But then all your NuShares and Peercoins will be locked by the same private key. That may not be what you want.

To convert your address it may be as simple as importing your Peercoin private key into your NSR wallet, because in previous releases we used the same private key format as Peercoin so we continue to support it.

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that helps.

so you’re saying that if I go into NUSHARES wallet and do an importprivkey PEERCOIN PRIV KEY HERE my dividends will go to the corresponding address? (I’m okay with my nushares and ppc being linked to the same private key, thats my aim, actually)

Is there a way to turn off change addresses in the nushare client?

If after the import you send all your NSR to the imported NSR address then yes.

If by that you mean stop generating a new address each time the client has change to send then the answer is yes. It’s done by enabling avatar mode, which is enabled by default on the NSR wallet. Change is sent to the sending address (or the first sending address if there are more than one).

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brilliant thanks sigmike!

update for anyone else trying to do this:

it worked beautifully, but you can’t just use your peercoin private key, you have to convert it to a nu private key.

I knew the seed for my key, but if you want to use a previously randomly generated wallet I’m not sure how to tell you to go about doing that.

May I ask how did you generate the Nu private key from the seed? Did you calculated the 64bit hex, added the prefix and converted to WIF manually? Or did you used a web service?

Cointoolkit can help with that.

  1. Go to Verify tab (make sure you have selected the network of the origin private key at the top right on “Change mode”)
  2. Paste the private key from the wallet
  3. Click verify and the hex will show up.
  4. Now go to New -> New Address
  5. Select the target network in the top right “Change mode”
  6. Mark “Custom Seed, Brain Wallet or 64 char hex private key” and “This is a 64 char hex private key”
  7. Paste the hex key in the box and click “Generate”. There you have your converted address.

That method allows to generate the equivalent address for any other network, allowing you to use BTC, PPC, Nu, etc with the same private key/brainwallet/seed.

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