Can Bitcoin's Price Ever Be Stable?

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Posted a comment promoting NuBits, but apparently Coindesk did not want it to reach its readers. Sad.


Also posted a comment, but it usually takes a few hours before they release comments. Just to get the spam out of it I guess. So just be patient.

I love this article as it shows that this issue can finally be discussed with the entrenched Bitcoin community. Hope it opens the eyes of many and have them looking at alternatives.

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I am afraid they just curated it as non eligible for adequate comment:
(some bitshares comment just less than 1h old are already approved btw)

my comment was:
Bitcoin’s volatility issue is already tackled, apparently by NuBits team.
Their currency token 1NBT has been remarkably very stable to the USD, since inception 3 month ago.
They separate ownership of the currency issuing DAC (NuShare) from the unit of exchange, account and storage (NuBit) by implementing peershares, a template for decentralized, distributed and peer to peer ownership and decision making ( initiated in 2013)

NuBits white paper:… "

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This is getting really bad. All those Bitshares comments are published and both your and mine comments are being censored. To me it is now clear that the editor(s) are invested in BitShares, paid by them or at least fiercely supporting it and strongly opposing NuBits and trying to silence it by all means. Should I complain or ignore, not sure…

Edit: I couldn’t help myself: It makes me mad.


Don’t bother with coindesk, support less hostile news outlets, such as has fair amount of nubits coverage has a peercoin section


Communicated and reported to the crypto community here:


If true, it’s sad they resort to that kind of thing.

Why not directly comment under the reddit announcement of this article ?

@mhps Did you try to post anything in r/bitcoin which refers to any altcoin? You will be downvoted quickly and badly, ask TomJoad or others. So I’m not going to waste my time on that. Besides that thread looks pretty much abandoned.
Agree with you, better focus the energy on the other more supporting sites and ignore coindesk.

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It’s still worth posting in those areas to attract users who might be willing to consider new ideas. Although hard to find, comments from many users show their dissatisfaction with the underlying economics of Bitcoin as a “currency”.

CoinDesk is a paid advertorial site. I will never advocate paying for journalism and prefer to see us grow the right way. The fact we have not been written about even though NuBits has had top-3 trading volume days worldwide (trailing only Bitcoin and Litecoin), and NuShares has already had a trading day above BitShares in USD volume, shows that CoinDesk is either unaware of us (unlikely) or being paid to ignore our story.


this is very sad.

Let me try to post the link above in coindesk comments to prove the point

edit: done

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Sometimes I miss a tip bot here on more than in other times…
Well done!
Thank you!

at least they’ve linked this :

Apparently, coindesk has given up to the pressure of seeing its reputation eroded - my comment is now displayed. (search for “username: angotsuka”)

My comment is also posted by now, like to hear if anyone thinks that this should have been censored? At worst it is biased, but I wouldn’t say it is tribalism or offending. Hopefully we get some more people joining the discussion. Hope they just had a rogue editor at coindesk being a bit too heavy-handed.

---- My comment on Coindesk article----

I can’t believe a currency with a fixed money supply can be stable
and survive, it goes against all the principles of markets we know, so
change for Bitcoin is inevitable. The other issue is that the mining
concept Bitcoin uses is more expensive to sustain than regular payment
networks. Unless Bitcoin’s price doubles in next 18 months, economic
principles will be applied and the Bitcoin network will suffer. The
difficulty no longer growing is a first small crack in the system.You can argue about the right solutions to fix it though. We at have some good discussions about how to run a pegged crypto currency.
Actually it is already running for more than 2 months, but still
evolving as we speak. We have a few people with economic backgrounds
discussing this and good links and video to interesting material (e.g.
from the Bank of England). Feel free to join in and help thinking about
creating a sustainable crypto currency which is a viable alternative for fiat.

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This won’t help surviving the upcoming next halving of the PoW block reward!
The mining industry might take that into consideration when purchasing new hardware. But the operation of the miners creates ongoing costs for power consumption (and cooling?) that need to be covered by the mining income.
The mining will be in an equilibrium between operation/investment and income by mining.
If there’s no steep rise of Bitcoin price after the PoW reward halving, a lot of miners will be shut down or aimed at other SHA256 mining processes (say hello to Peercoin PoW rewards of below 30 PPC per block :wink: ).
And as the diff adjustment takes 2016 blocks this can lead to awkward situations for the Bitcoin network.

I fear for Bitcoin!

…the last Pow reward halving at Bitcoin occurred at a time when no such mining industry was in place. The next halving will be different!

To play with some numbers:
current BTC hash rate is approx. 300 PH/s (=300,000 TH/s)
current PPC hash rate is approx 300 TH/s.
If only 10% of the BTC hash rate would be aimed at PPC after the BTC PoW block reward halving, this would put another 30,000 TH/s to the PPC PoW process.
Taking into regard that if the difficulty goes 2^n, the derived coinbase reward is 2^(-n/4).
With a roughly hundredfold of the hash rate, n is approximately 6.64. So the resulting coinbase reward is 2^(-6.64/4)=0.316.
So compared to the current coinbase reward of ~78 PPC the resulting coinbase reward would less than one third of that, below 26 PPC.
Why am I writing this PPC calculation in the nubits forum? Because some of the readers here might be interested in that :smiley:
…if half of the 300 PH would be aimed at PPC’s PoW process, this would reduce the PPC PoW coinbase reward to less than 13 PPC…