Can ALTS. TRADE vote for Open Source with my Nushares?

@woolly_sammoth @tomjoad @Ben

If I was Ok with letting ALTS.Trade vote for Open Source with my NuShares, would there be any objections to this? Is this even possible?


I kindly ask you not to do that.

The motion will pass within the next 12 hours in a completely honest and clean way and its very important for this motion to ensure that there are no further doubts about the outcome.

It is up to individual shareholders to decide what behavior from exchanges is appropriate. Some may find voting and minting by exchanges unacceptable, while others will be fine with the idea as long as votes are actively managed.

The only absolute requirement I think is transparency. Exchanges that choose not to be transparent about their actions behind the scenes will likely find themselves abandoned for other options.

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@creon ok, thanks for letting me know. I will follow your wishes.


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I’ll hold off as asked by @creon, but thank you so very much for your opinion on this matter. True Democracy!

You guys (NuTeam) are amazing…


Totally agree. The exchange should come forward how it is going to arrange voting.