Call to Action : list services we should/could get in touch now that we are open source

I think we should now take action and hit some cold-emails to as many services that only run oss software .

Can we make a list of services we want to get in touch with? Exchanges /payment processors/ wallets / wages / merchants…

I’ll start :



Cryptsy would be great to get on. I’ve emailed them multiple times the past few months (to Nicholas Mullech, their wallet manager) after they initially expressed interest in adding NuBits, with no response. Getting a wave of messages might encourage them to re-visit the idea of adding NuBits (and NuShares).

Changetip I’ve emailed before and had my message forwarded to Dan Held, but again no response. I’ll follow up with that one too.

I have started contacting everyone who asked about the project going open source in the past. I received this from an individual on reddit today.

Looks great.
Hoping to incorporate Nu into a big project soon and switch over to more active participation in the forums.

Hopefully this trend continues with others that I contact! I’ll work on dropping some service names here as I find them.


Not sure what that is. What about btc-e?

OSS = Open-source software

forget Btc-e just the mention of any Atlcoin other then the ones listed on btce and talking about them in the trollbox will gets you banned a day or more I know I tried I got banned for talking about nu and few users also got banned just for asking about atl not currently traded on their site

we need to see Bittrex add a new market section NBT & NSR and get custodians with big sell/buy walls because bittrex can get huge volumes at times 260btc on a bad day lots of api trading going on most coin trade every min/sec not like a lot exchange with no trading for hours


It’s happening! Last week I had a strange dream that nubits source code was finally released. Good things come to our way.

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