Buying ~2505 NBT at $1.002 at CCEDK for USD

I’m willing to purchase around 2505 NBT on CCEDK for USD at a price of $1.002. I should be able to buy exactly 2504.98617 NBT according to my calculations though CCEDK isn’t always exact. If 2505 NBT worth of sell orders are placed on CCEDK at or below that price, I’ll buy them by Tuesday 15:00 GMT. Please message me before that time if placing an order so I can make a purchase. You can message me later as well, but I might have already transferred the funds.


I’m bumping this in case some people may not have seen. I’m still happy to purchase these NuBits if anyone wishes to sell for USD.

I am not sure if I’d recommend that.

Since last week I’ve now 2 cases where the withdrawal takes too much time, e.g. 2 or more days.
The current withdrawal is still in status “moderation” for 2.5 days
It’s not even big amounts we talk about here

The site says: “Dear Users, deposits and trading on CCEDK is no longer possible, starting from June 1st 2016.” but not what happens with the withdraw requests which are not timely withdrawn

CCEDK can’t mess with withdrawals without getting into serious trouble.
I bet it will be possible after today - or not at all.

It’s the usual. @ronny approves withdrawl manually I believe and he has been very busy according to him (and the amount of stuff developed at ccedk).

Well if no one wants to buy my dollars for nubits today then I will have to make a transfer instead. If it takes a few days then I’d be willing to wait, as long as it doesn’t take too long. The funds would be waiting in limbo whilst the exchange is down anyway.

One thing I need to know first @ronny is what US state the CCEDK USD bank account is located in. I made a support request but I’ve not got a reply yet. If I could get a reply for that, I would be grateful.

Since NBT/USD has very small spread, many people could be interested. But most might not know about it.

Isn’t ccedk Danish?

Danish yes, though they process USD, so the question is where is the USD held?

May I ask why that is important?
Do you need to know that to initiate getting the USD wired?

It’s for some legal compliance thing.

Hello Matthew, tell me again pleae what you need, thanks



I thought one just clock withdraw and follow the steps. Maybe there are other issues I don’t realize.

Anyway your post was quoted in Current Liquidity . NBT/USD peg provides now THE highest amount of buy liquidity in the whole Nu net at ~1% spread. Could @ronny keep NBT/USD running ?