Buy side liquidity versus bitcoin volatility

It would be extremely interesting to plot the buy side liquidity 1) along with the bitcoin volatility 2) over the past months.
Anyone has the data somewhere for 1) ? has started only recently unfortunately.
For 2), we have

I am asking because it seems that recently on days that see a high volatility, I feel the buy side liquidity has remained strong and even increased.
Before (a few months ago), when BTC went down, the buy side used to shrink as traders shifted their assets to NBT leaving providers holding BTC and when BTC went up, we got the same phenomenon; the buy side used to shrink as well as traders shifted their assets back to BTC, leaving providers holding NBT losing value against BTC.

I would like to see whether or not this is just a belief coming from my mind :smile:

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I can only offer a NuPool status every 10 minutes starting may 12th 2015 looking like this

{“credits”: 40359, “users”: 16, “validations”: 484313, “liquidity”: [19158.95212875583, 7780.9366666666565], “sampling”: 12}

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I think that would be very helpful in case it is difficult to have the whole data history from Nu’s inception.

All available liquidity pools since July 23nd 2015:

Full data, like

NuPool /status query since May 12th 2015:

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