Buy Liquidity higher than Sell Liquidity

Right now we have:

  • Buy: 360558
  • Sell: 281125

This is the first time that I have seen such a situation in which the Buy side is much higher than the Sell side…I believe it means that the demand for NuBits is becoming higher than the current supply.
Of course it needs to hold.
In that case, does it mean that it is time to print more NBT?
What do the NuBot probes say about the current demand?

Am I mistaken?

Good job ,this time is :smile:
Buy: 386316
Sell: 252420

i have seen this yestrday and i wonder if peg is going to break somehow. also there are no parking rates for days now.

well this would be easy to fix at least in case the peg does not hold since we would only need to incentivize parking or print out nubits at least in my understanding.

Peg is not gonna break, quite far from it. This buy liquidity is a good sign, maybe time for a sell custodian to step out?

Worst case scenario, there is a strategic reserve.

@desrever I agree.

In that case, when we entrust the nubits to the custodian, we would need to trust him or her to separate the reward (compensation) from the nubits to put actually for sales. So a high degree of trust is needed.

This is not new, we have been doing this with current grants. Custodian fee is one thing, separate from the NBT liquidity.

We have plenty of sell-side liquidity (at current utilization) that can be brought to market as needed.

The peg is not in jeopardy.

@desrever All right.

@ben Right.