[BUG] Nubits Linux client does not load on Tails Linux

Using Tails 1.4.1, the 32bit Nubits Linux client 1.2 does not load, Tails is 32bit. In comparison the Dash Linux 32bit wallet loads fine as well as the reference Electrum wallet and Bitcoin qt wallet. Tails is a must for those of us who require privacy and security, plz fix soon.

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What error message are you getting? Does anything show up in debug.log? Does it work if you build from the source?

No error, it doesnt do anything, i dont know how to build software, download tails and try it for yourself.

For those who value privacy, you can reliably run the Nu client over Tor by running the Tor Browser Bundle and configuring the Nu client by selecting Settings…Options. On the Main tab, check “Connect through SOCKS4 proxy”. Set the Proxy IP to and the Port to 9150. If you don’t run the Tor Browser Bundle or other Tor software, the Nu client will not connect.

I’m not suggesting we won’t fix the problem with Tails, but we probably won’t put many resources into it. Also, this solution is available to you now.

check the debug.log in ~/.nu folder. Also, running it from the command line instead of clicking the icon can reveal some error messages that won’t usually be displayed.

You would be asking me to trust the client software to reliably route all connections through Tor. Even electrum does not do this.

Hi i dont have a /.nu folder because nothing happens, all i have are the installation files. I ran nu in terminal and i get:

./nu: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.15’ not found (required by ./nu)

Whats that?

edit: i looked it up, apparently its a core library, so the developers coded the wallet for the newest versions of linux which breaks compatibility wiith distros based on older versions which i guess is what tails is based on (debian 7 jessie).

It looks like it’s related to libcurl which is required by the client for datafeeds to work. I don’t have time at this moment to look into it further unfortunately. Maybe manually upgrading libcurl on your system could resolve it?