Bug - Nu client does not pull the data feeds

I have noticed that my client does not reflect (pull) the datafeeds I am subscribing to unless I click on “OK” at the bottom of the dialog box corresponding to “data feed”.

I do not have any nu.conf file and did not experience this issue before.

My client runs v1.0.1-beta

A restart of the client does not solve the issue.

@sigmike any ides?


Do you have any “Updating from data feed” in your log besides the one you should get when you click on “OK”?

If not, is there a “ThreadUpdateFromDataFeed started” line in the log when you start the client?

No “Updating from data feed” besides the one generated when “ok” is clicked.
At startup, yes, there is “ThreadUpdateFromDataFeed started” written in the log file.

Can you share which datafeed you’re using, or if you’d like PM it to me.

Yes I am using mine :smile:

I have updated my feeds.
My client successfully pulled them with plenty of “updating from data feed” inside the logs.
So perhaps the “bug” was caused by a glitch in my configuration.
I ll continue to monitor but it looks it is not a bug.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.

However I noticed that I need to push several times “ok” in the datafeed dialog box before getting the client that I use to generate the feeds to pull eventually the feeds.
The other client that I use for voting seems to automatically update its votes by pulling those feeds.

EDIT: Additional info.