BTC volatility together with a too tight spread is dangerous

Have you ever asked yourself where all the proceeds from selling NBT ended?

I mean, if you add up the value of

  • the BTC, that were used for buying PPC to distribute dividends
  • the BTC, that were used for buybacks
  • the BTC, that are in NuOwned operations
  • the BTC that are still on T4 reserve
  • funds that were lost in February 2015
  • the NBT, that were paid for development and other contracts

and subtract

  • NBT, that are in NuOwned operations

you get nowhere near the equivalent of NBT in circulation, right?

I admit that I have no details about the total funds, that were paid for development etc., but I must miss something, or there’s a gap.

My only explanation is:
trading a volatile asset at a tight spread offers two working points to lose money.
We need better mitigation of both working points!

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I dunno, 10k NBT/month for 2 years is like 200k. Then there were like 100k in dev work grants. Buybacks were 100k. We lost like 100k in the hacks. Thats 5 out of 6 right there.

Imagine if we were selling $10k NSR each month for the last 2 years. That’s what liquidity operations are.

Who said we could afford $10k/month? Oh right, same person who said we only needed $80k in reserve.