BTC <=> NBT Web Wallet App is to include a feature for the conversion of BTC to NTB, and NBT back to BTC. Planed transactions are executed automatically, instantaneously, and transparently to the end user
( and simultaneously [if needed] ) by an API.

The purpose of this feature is to provide end users with opportunity to protect the value of their crypto-assets against BTC’s fluctuation by converting their assets to dollar denominated crypto-assets (NuBits).

End users deposit in BTC, which is converted to NBT. Thus, securing their account’s value with a dollar-denominated-balance figure which should not be subject to the volatility of BTC. When the user wants to transact on the BTC network, his/her fund are automatically converted from NBT back to BTC and sent.

Consideration of the technical limitations/issues with the feature as described: First is the security of users funds from exchange failure, and second is the delay incurred sending funds to the exchange for conversion and making the requested payment. Is there a way to work directly with a liquidity provider ( thru the NuBot ) to enable API based conversions ?

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I like the concept.

Are you planning to integrate a new design or is this no priority?

Sounds a bit like shapeshift.

sure, that’s why shapeshift does

I assume you mean Graphic Design. YES, it’s a top priority.

Please consider this your (yes, YOU) official solicitation for your feed-back / comments / alternative-designs on the latest graphic design iteration:

Some thoughts on design: Graphic design should reflect function. Since all the power to operate the machines comes, ultimately, from the sun, design should be planetary. In this metaphor, the textured yellow lines are sun-rays and the colors come from green limestone. My concern is that the colors give it a playful look when i want something more professional.

No. It’s not like shapeshift.

Such reiterations don’t add any new information, and it can really disrupt the flow of information for casual readers. If, for example, you are just skimming thru the forum and you saw two or three posts with similar content, well, who knows what you might think; that cryptobiz is not a directory, but a shapeshift. If you want to co-sign on cryptog’s post “Sounds a bit like shapeshift,” you may use the Like button!

You asked, and I guess your question was directed to me also since you mentioned NuBot.

Is there a way to work directly with a liquidity provider ( thru the NuBot ) to enable API based conversions ?

and I replied “yes, there is a way and SS already does conversions on open exchanges buying/selling from nubot” .

Get in touch in PM if you want to know more, I don’t want to risk disrupting the flow of information anymore.

Oh, my bad desrever. Your statement, “that’s why shapeshift does” did not compile and run in my CPU until i added, “Yes, there is a way and SS already does [that].”

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