Brexit: The Movie


You really believe that a brexit is possible?
It seems like a distraction from other serious EU issues!

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Unlike the Dutch, this referendum is binding. Let’s get out the popcorn.

The referendum result is not legally binding - Parliament still has to
pass the laws that will get Britain out of the 28 nation bloc, starting
with the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act.

Okay I had to stop after 38 minutes, I really gave it a chance, but the bias is too strong with this one.

Has the whole world gone crazy?
Wait a second - did I really ask that?
What a superfluous question…

bias-less systems are unnatural and never existed :wink:

There are gradations, though…

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Wow, minutes 33 to 38 have touch my sensitivity. These guys should take a look at those laws. Why do I care there are a trillion laws if they work?

This is what happens when those regulations do not exist.

Suddenly those 91 shower regulations would have saved your life.
Let’s be real, do you know any case where that regulation have prevented you from getting or using a product that is safe and good, that you would have been able to get out of EU?

Also, it is very fun to watch those people in suits talking about how European bureaucracy steal power from the people, wonder where would the power go without EU. Surely to the people wearing sneakers, not them…
They surely would never got those job positions if offered…

I don’t think this is the best place for me to get into these political arguments though for those that are interested there is another documentary here:

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Watch the whole thing. Especially dislike the undemocratic aspect of the EU while still keeping up a democratic façade.
EU will crack sooner or later, a Brexit would just be another one after the Greek débâcle. Unless they can reform from the inside, but I highly doubt that the system has that capability.

Are they really going to do that? I hope not, i guess they gave up that idea for now. I’ve seen that film at and i think it really shows what is going on and how government ignores the needs of ordinary citizens.