BraveNewCoin Mobile App iOS Launch! Nubits Market Info

BraveNewCoin App allows you to track the live exchange rates for multiple crypto currencies.
Brave New Coin provides in-depth market information for a variety of cryptocurrencies including weighted-average price index, market capitalization and volumes traded from most international exchanges.

Key Features:

  • Support all popular coins
  • 24h, 7 days and 30 days prices graph
  • Market data automatically updates
  • Latest Market info
  • Conversion Calculator

Check out Nubits profile and markets page on BNC - has a comprehensive News section, we are also aiming to launch a directory service and portfolio manager soon during Q1 2015. Once these are launched and stable we will update the mobile app to have killer all in one app free for anyone to use.

Keep in mind this is our first app and we have an extensive development pipeline planned out!

Have a play let us know any feedback.

~The Team @bravenewcoin


Well that’s an interesting development. Will check it out soon.

Edit: @bravenewcoin I think it would make more sense to add NuShares though, since we’re pretty confident 1 NBT will always be 1 USD :blush:


hey, nice, I will try out the app in the next days and report a few feedback! Good to see partners showing up here. Let us know if you need any particular data feeds

NuShare are down in the list under “assets”, took me a while.

I am trying the app now, well done! Suggestion #1 : add a “filter/search text” field.

Derp… I did not have it installed at the time that I made that edit. I do see that it is in the app now. Thanks @desrever. Well done @bravenewcoin.

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Thanks for sharing, this looks great!
The World’s Most Accurate NuBits (NBT) Price Index indicates a price slightly off $1.00.

But not pegged to the USD.
I m afraid.