BlockShare trading order book active

The BlockShare trading order book at SouthXchange is now active. Come trade BlockShares!

Having recently examined the state of other decentralized exchange project, I still conclude B&C Exchange has something unique and important to offer the space. Most decentralized exchanges can’t offer cross-blockchain trades. B&C Exchange is designed to do that. I could only find one decentralized exchange that offers cross-blockchain trades using atomic swaps. That has its limitations. The multisig approach of B&C Exchange also has limitations inherent to its design. It is innovative and promising enough that it deserves to be developed. I would still love help lead its development. However, we don’t have funding at the moment to continue development.

There are two main pathways to gaining enough funds to continue development of B&C Exchange: an increase in either the BlockShare or NuShare price. B&C Exchange has access to large amounts of both. If there is interest in it, it will be built.


There are more orders on up on the BlockShare trading pair at

BlockShares can be sold for around $0.10 or purchased for about $0.20. Come trade!

Thanks for the tip! Will be taking note of this.

Trading has recently been relatively active, with thousands of BlockShares changing hands in recent days at SouthXchange.