Blocks too slow!


I have been downloading the Nu blocks on my PC since 2’s so slow!

Pls is there anything I can do to make it fast?


there is no team behind this shitcoin. i lot a lot money here


I have lost a lot of money too.

That’s why I want to sell.

But it takes forever to download the blocks.

Where is the best exchange to sell this coins?


SouthXchange and Cfinex… though you won’t get much for your coins at the moment.


At what price?
My bch/usnbt has been booked for 48hrs without sell,how can I sell it?


You can sell instantly at the prices in the order book of the exchanges, so at Cfinex just now, it’s 2 satoshi for a few, then 1 satoshi per NSR.


Thanks for the response.

I use southxchange .

How do I buy BCH/USNBT instantly on the exchange?


You can’t if there’s not a BCH/USNBT trading pair… you need to trade USNBT for BTC, then BTC for BCH, or vice versa.


My nubits is still on booked on southxchange with zero volume.
No one is trading or buying usnbt.

How and where can I sell it fast?


If you want to sell instantly, you need to sell at the same price as the buy orders on the exchange, so 0.00000001 BTC on SouthXchange or Cfinex right now.

So you can sell instantly right now if you set the right price, unless you have over 60m NSR!


So how much can I sell 125 usnbt for btc?

I don’t think people are buying on southxchange cos the vol is 0.0%.

I try to sell it but nobody is buying.


Bittrex for NBT I think.


That’s why I want to sell too