Block minting DOS attack?

Here’s a strange behaviour I noticed lately. I sent a proportionally larger amount of nushares than I already had to my main minting address and seemingly (as a result) minting stopped almost completely for a couple of days. Before that transaction my minting address was minting roughly X blocks every day. After the additional transactions to that address it started to mint 0.1X blocks for 2 days. Now, almost a week later the minting has returned to 2X what I consider normal.

It seems to me that if I send nushares to another address it would reset the coin age of that address completely. For example, if the victim’s address has 2 000 000 nushares and I send 40 nushares to it, then it would not mint blocks for roughly 3 days. Can anyone comment on this?

How many concurrent votes do you have?

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No, you can check in coin control that this is not the case.

I assume the amount was >> 10,000 NSR? If this is the case and you sent them all at once, then the problem might really be related to what @crypto_coiner reported, since your client will try to split the coins into 10,000 NSR UTXO’s when finding a block which increases the size of the block even further.

At first I had only 2 motion votes and that was it. Then I subscribed to cryptog’s data feed.

I had 2 identical wallets. I added new receiving addresses to wallet A and received nushares to those addresses. The wallet B had those same addresses in its address pool, so wallet B ( which mints blocks ) secretly received those same nushares. Now I made a transaction in wallet A to send those new nushares to my main minting address. I then noticed that for a couple of days I barely minted any blocks. Now, 5 days later I am minting the number of blocks per day that seem normal.

I am not saying that there is a DOS vulnerability for certain. It may easily be just a misunderstanding. Perhaps just someone could confirm that there is absolutely no way such a DOS attack could be performed.

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Did you use coin control to ensure that you are really sending the new NSR?

Unfortunately coin age is now all zeroes for all of my UTXOs and I didn’t pay attention to it during the days when I minted suspiciously few blocks.

Yes, amount was >> 10k. It took quite a while to compile the transaction. However, if that was truly the case then how come that now I am minting correctly?

Yes I did.

@sigmike ?

After thinking about it again, these coins shouldn’t even be a candidate for staking after 5 days (10,000 blocks min age), so forget what I wrote.

Maybe a testnet experiment would be helpful here.

It’s not the case. Minting is done per output. Sending shares to an address only creates new outputs and doesn’t affect the existing ones.

Are you sure you haven’t sent the shares from outputs that were minting?

Since the min age is 7 days I’m not sure a daily block rate is relevant. Was your daily rate stable before (and after) this event?

No, I didn’t send from minting address, I specifically chose the the inputs from coin control.

My daily rate was rather stable before the event and is has returned to normal as of yesterday. It could of course be a rare coincidence that my normal minting address had bad luck exactly the same time when I received new transactions. If minting is done per output then theoretically there should be no vulnerability.

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