BlackShares - The PeerShare concept for BlackCoin

Haha, I wrote that some months ago (I am noerc on reddit). Some people from the blackcoin community were interested in funding the development by using shares and dividends, but of course they wanted the technology to be based on the BLK PoS protocol, and not PPC.

The final program was well recognized by the community but nothing was done to actually use it. If you look at the github you will see that I even started a small coinbase string voting system similar to Nu, but the lack of interest in this project from others made me abandon it. But the research of the background and implications of these share systems brought me to Nu and I am very happy how this turned out.

Let me know if anyone is interested in the code of BlackShares. There are certainly some aspects Nu can learn from the Blackcoin code base, because its really a very well implemented PoS system.


I can’t believe people don’t see the value in this. Just look at what has been accomplished with Nu. If it continues its success, that will help in supporting Peercoin. And Nu is only just one example. Other things can be built using Peershares that will support Peercoin as well. It’s also possible that there are things in the planning stages that just haven’t materialized yet. I’m glad you saw the value in it though.