BKS What exactly?
BKS who determine the price?
What are your ((our expectation)) expectations of the community?

BKS are shares of B&C Exchange, a decentralized exchange that is currently being created.
BKS are similar to NSR, which represent ownership of the Nu network, in the way that they allow to cast votes in addition to representing ownership.

The price will be determined by the free market. At the moment there’s not much public trading, most likely due to the fact that B&C Exchange isn’t yet operational.
To the best of my knowledge there’s currently only one exchange, CCEKD, with BKS trading pairs (e.g. https://www.ccedk.com/bks-us-nbt). This will likely change in the future.

People who buy BKS now hope for the exchange to become a success.
The price per BKS isn’t related to the revenue B&C Exchange can create as no one knows how much this will be.
As a part of the team already created Peershares and the Nu network, one could say there’s a track record of delivering working products. So it might be not very likely that investing in BKS will lead to a full loss, although that’s of course possible.

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The community is very similar to the Nu community (mostly the same people). It is still young as an independent project.

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I thank you for your answers