BKS for sale

I have 1.000 BKS for sale. Price mark is $2 per BKS. I’m willing to separate this into 5 sales of 200 BKS each. Escrow provided by well known members of this community only.

Are you also Jordan Lee? :confused:

Can you please stop your negative comments?
You are requested to write them on paper and flush the paper down the toilet.
Maybe your post should be deleted by the moderators, because this is just a regular BKS sale thread.
Where does all this paranoia come from?

I’m not sure who that is. It seems that the market where I purchased my BKS no longer exists. I need to dump some of the crypto I have laying around due to personal circumstances. I’d also like to hear of any project updates. I’m unable to find much information from bitcointalk or the website. The most recent discussions appear to be on here.

I’ve completed one transaction successfully with a member of this forum. I still have 800 BKS available with a minimum buy of 200. I will also clarify that I am only accepting BTC for these trades.

Price is now $1.90. I still have 800 BKS available with a minimum buy of 200. Only BTC

I’ve completed another successful transaction with a member of the forum.

There is now 400 BKS available at $1.90 with a minimum buy of 200. BTC Only. Thank you.

I have 400 BKS available at $1.80. BTC Only. Thank you.