Bittrex Nu 3.0 upgrade issue

Hello Bittrex,

Please register and post in this thread. @sigmike will assist when he’s available.


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Can you please have them come into our slack or go to our irc channel?

#bittrex on Freenode

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@jooize @sigmike did this get resolved? Deadline is in less than 24 hours.

I joined their slack as they asked and I said I was there to help them upgrade but nobody contacted me.

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I messaged them asking when they’re available and mentioned the urgency.

Bittrex website currently says “Wallet Maintenance” for US NuBits.

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We had our developer sigmike go into your Slack, but he didn’t find someone to talk with. When are you available? Deadline is in less than 24 hours.

any of the @bittrex-* people … I’ll be around all day as well.

Their client is now synchronizing. If it goes well they will get everything back online.

They were using master which is on Nu 2.1. They would like us to tell them which branch/tag to use next time.


All sorted out.

— Bittrex

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