, trade NuBits with 0 tx fee for one month

Yesterday Bitspark (HK) added NuBits with a one month tx-free trading!

They still do not support API trading, but as soon as they do, we will bring our bot there.

Stay tuned, and congrats!

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They are built on Peatio, so did they actively turn off the API access?

I talked to them on twitter. They should be opening up their API this week. I’m not sure if it’s customized or not though.

Here we pivot , I had the feeling this one was coming.

Please be aware as per Bitspark’s announcement on the 29th of April (, the Bitspark Trading exchange will be shutting down to make room for new Remittance focused products launching soon. Please remove all holdings from Bitspark and if you have any questions please contact

@tomjoad maybe remove from exchange page ?

@woolly_sammoth have you heard anything from their plans?

Good eye @desrever, I will remove it right away. We’ve had talks with them about using NBT for remittance before, so we’ll keep our communication lines open. Their CEO George is a bright guy.