BitShares on coindesk

"“We’ve talked to everyone from Coinbase to Bitstamp to BitPay, half a dozen others, and they all want to integrate with us, it’s just a schedule priority issue,” Larimer said"
Impressive if true.

What about NuBits?

We need to open source now.
Vote yes to: [Passed] Motion to Make the Nu Source Code Available


Wishful thinking perhaps?


Almost certainly another massive over-promise with no delivery on the part of Dan Larimer and BitShares. They don’t seem to be learning from their past mistakes.

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Let them do their mistakes and let the Nu community make their own.
…one of them being unable to convince the NSR holders of voting for the open source license.

I will repeat this at every place it seems appropriate until I

  • get banned
  • am convinced that this is wrong
  • die
  • get downvoted until I cry; wait - this can’t happen here :stuck_out_tongue:
  • succeed

As you see the only thing that is available for the community to keep me from advertising “Vote yes to open source - NOW” is to help letting this motion succeed as fast as possible (at least I hope that it’s not worth to hire a killer to make my death stop me from; remark: I really think that I can’t be convinced that open sourcing Nu is wrong).
So please stop me from spamming this everywhere.

Vote “yes” for open source!

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Yeah, I can’t believe this, either. The named companies have done little, if anything, in the way of altcoin integration. It’s unlikely that all three would “want to integrate” with the same altcoin at the same time.

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