Bitcoin quite stable over the last 4 days - NuBits effect?

you wish:p
i wonder though if BTC community can operate BTC like nubits, i mean with bots controlling sell-buy walls
and btc shares of some kind :slight_smile:

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btc volume is 100 times of NBT, so that’s impossible.

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everything is possible. they will just need custodians controlling millions of $.
think that in the future, nubits will propably be close to BTC’s volume!

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Interesting - Please elaborate

A fixed supply currency is unlikely to ever have less volatility than NuBits over a long period of time. Bitcoin is a brilliant technology with a flawed economic design.


How about Peercoin (energy efficient) and Primecoin (energy multiuse)?

4 days stability not proved that, it’s stable for all times.