Bitcoin isn’t the future of money — it’s either a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme


mere opinions!
please stop shooting the mother of all cryptos :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the first article. Bitcoin is NOT the future of money.
Nubits is.
If not, I would not be here consuming my time with you guys.

my point of view:
it is totally different to say that BTC will not be money but only a stock entity and different to call it names like ponzi.
in the second case you scare off the new readers, they will not continue their journey to the wonderfull space of cruyptos
and of course they will not trust any crypto, not even nubits. I know some cases like that and how much effort it took me
to change their mind!
that is why i am sad reading articles like that, there are more gentle articles which say the same thing without the scaring issue :smile:
for example:

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I don t think bitcoin is a ponzi scheme per se though it has some aspects of it because bitcoin has no obvious intrinsic value. So one can easily conclude that its value is given by the next buyers, which is ponzi-scheme-like.
However i believe its intrinsic is allowing users to buy cryptos, including nubits and nushares, in the first place.
In case Nu has trouble getting an exchange with a decent volume on NBT/FIAT, Nu will be dependent on BTC for its liquidity, which would be the case at B&C exchange.
It is possible and desirable in the future that exchanges like Coinbase adopt NBT/USD though unlikely at this stage.

However, Bitcoin is certainly not a currency and cannot be by design though they change the way it is issued but that would kill it…
I cannot agree more with the following stances:

So the world needs definitively something like NuBit.
Bu NuBit needs Bitcoin right now.

So I would say the world needs NuBit and Bitcoin.

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