Bitcoin is forking and r/bitcoin is censoring the discussion

I’m on mobile, so I don’t want to link everything, but check out all the standard communities.

Chicago schooler said something nice about us:

Hey, that’s pretty cool! :smile:

Woah, this looks pretty bad. r/bitcoin has split into the following subreddits…

Here are some comments from one of the moderators not involved in the censoring…

[quote=jratcliff63367]"So, guys, I’m a moderator in this forum, though I don’t know for how long. It is late on a Saturday and I just logged in to see this mess. One of the forum moderators has been deleting hundreds of, what appear to me, to be perfectly valid comments.

Bitcoin-XT is NOT an alt-coin. It is an alternate client. Bitcoin-core is not some magical specially anointed copy of the code. That is deeply flawed and centralized thinking.

Bitcoin is supposed to be decentralized and whichever client the majority of the community runs will, naturally, organically, and by design, become the new rule set on the network.

I get that some people are strongly opposed to this fork. But, censoring discussion and incorrectly calling it an alt-coin is not the solution in my opinion.

For the record I haven’t been removing any of these comments today and, after sharing my opinion in this post, I may be removed as one of the mods. Which is fine if that happens. This is a volunteer thing that I do only when I’m already on the forum and have some free time.

But I won’t resign either. Sorry this is all such a mess right now."[/quote]

[quote=jratcliff63367][quote=BrazenAmberite]“Are you in communication with /u/theymos and the other mods which are engaging in the censorship? What is their justification? Do they realize that they are censoring an extremely important topic in bitcoin’s history just because of their own personal ideologies? Do they realize that they are going against the very core of reddit’s rules?”[/quote]"Yes. I’m in communication. Theymos’s position is that bitcoin-xt is an alt-coin, indistinguishable from dogecoin or litecoin. He is wrong, but he claims that is the reason for this. Dogecoin and litecoin operate on independent networks. No one submits a transaction to dogecoin and it shows up in the backlog for the bitcoin network.

Bitcoin-xt is an alternate client on the bitcoin network. This notion that there is only one pure authorized, authentic version of the bitcoin software is nonsense. That is centralized thinking. The correct bitcoin software is the ruleset being run by a majority of the network. Today that is bitcoin-core, but there is no reason to assume it can be the only valid software."[/quote]

I think Jordan had great foresight to include motion functionality in Nu. We’ve resolved several contentious issues over the past year - including open-sourcing, exchange listings, and NSR custodial grants - that would have drawn out for months in Bitcoin’s environment. Nu can react and evolve much more efficiently than Bitcoin, and is therefore a significant competitive advantage for our network.


yes, NU is ready for the future :smile:
also the new DASH has implemented a voting mechanism
i cannot say how similar it is with NU, but it seems voting becomes mainstream in crypto universe :wink:


Too bad Bitcoin can’t implement fair voting with PoW. Regular holders wouldn’t be able to participate.

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I have proposed stakeholder voting to solve bitcoin problems several times in bitcointalk but my topics never got any posts for some reason. Bitcoin stakeholders can vote by signing their vote with their private keys and storing it in the Bitcoin’s own block chain.

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But which protocol you support? XT or bitcoin-core?

I’ve stumbled upon that a few days ago and don’t wonder that the situation has worsened.


Whichever gets the most hashrate rules.