Bitcoin down nearly 50%, NuBits up nearly 50%

Bitcoin peaked on April 14th at around $64,000. Now it is $32,902, a drop of 49% in less than two months. It certainly isn’t suitable for use as a currency.

US NuBits were $0.27 on April 14th. Now they are $0.3963, up 46% in less than 2 months. USNBT pricing does not move with the crypto market. It is an excellent investment in a crypto bear market.

i guess bitcoin will drop further to below 20k, Nubits is a safe haven during bear market as it is now, at 1/2 price as cheap as Us dola. Don’t forget 30% interest if you park for 1 year.

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So nubits can from now on no longer be called a stablecoin?