Big Pump on NuShares - what's going on?

Looks like someone bought over 3M shares on CCEDK. Makes me glad the shares were distributed the way they were.

Any data?

i believe we ll get 10 times the current market cap in 1m.

Assuming we manage to evolve to a point where the Nu network can confidently maintain NBT at $1.00 US indefinitely, what is the value of that network worth? That’s probably the correct answer why the price is increasing right now. There is certainly risk in investing in Nu, but the upside is considerable.

Indefinitely? like a perpetual motion machine?

edit: kidding aside, the reason I say this is that the answer to the question heavily depends on why the network can run indefinitely.

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Perpetual stability, yes! Right now we have a system that can handle demand expansions perfectly, and modest demand contractions reasonably well (through the parking rate). We should aspire to a system that can handle demand contraction perfectly as well - and with the proposals for NSR burning, variable transaction fees, and other ideas floating around, we’ll eventually work our way to that point.


Why is there such a spread between the buy and sell orders for NSR/BTC on ccedk?
Why has the volume changed hands to BTER?