Best and most secure/safest exchange to buy NuBits?

With the demise of CCEDK and the recent hack of our exchanges, which is the safest exchange to buy NBT with BTC?

CCEDK demise? They are still online and have made no announcements about hacks in their twitter.

I used Poloniex all throughout the summer and enjoyed it. I haven’t heard of them being hacked either. Not saying they are safe, hell they are probably due for a hack any day now, but it would be the one I’d use at the moment.

@Ben @tomjoad, any word on Bittrex?

Unfortunately, they have been. On the other hand, it may mean their security has been improved significantly.

We’re in initial preparations right now with the Bittrex team. First step is for our source code to be opened so that Bittrex can conduct an independent review. If everything looks good on their end, I think there is a strong likelihood that NuBits (and hopefully NuShares) will be listed on Bittrex soon thereafter.


wo. they have been hacked. so every exchange supporting nubits has been attacked.
wondering how much money Nu shareholder have lost at poloniex now…

calm down, its a year ago :slight_smile: Poloniex is already around for quite a while. I would also say that Poloniex is probably the most trusted choice right now, until we have bittrex or something even bigger.

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oops. i did not notice the date. :sweat_smile: with the series of hacks that damaged exchanges used by Nu, I assume poloniex was continuing the series…

Just bought some nubits today (1kNBT) - it was quite feeling secure.

I come across this thread on therocktrading . If Nu gets traded there, it is on “the oldest bitcoin exchange in business”. That means something.

It has USD, so NBT/USD is possible there.

ps. therocktrading could also link nbt and ripple


Someone contact them on twitter:

I have sent an email in Italian to The Rock Trading on behalf of the community. I will keep you updated.

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I have received a reply from the CTO of the company, was nice to see that they are seriously considering NuBits as one of their first new addition to the exchange.

At the moment they lack resources to add other coins to the exchange, however we have been assured that as soon as they will be able to add NuBits they will contact us.

On a positive note was very good to see that they take things thoroughly with careful planning and without rushing. I guess that’s the reason why they have been around since 2007.


great - looking forward