Benefits of offering NuBits on an exchange

We operate a new bitcoin exchange currently operating in the UK and Australia (in terms of banking), but we offer 12 currencies to trade.

What do you see as the benefit of offering NuBit trading?

We’re potentially interested, although we would have to cover a fairly huge initial cost to get it listed. (System currently pegs everything to bitcoin, would need to implement new trading-engine).


Thank you for your interest!

The “NuBot” automated trading agent that we run on exchanges to facilitate NBT’s stable value can work on NBT/crypto pairs (e.g. NBT/BTC). The implementation effort should be minimal on your end if you can already support other crypto/BTC pairs. For questions about integration, I or @CoinGame can point you in the right direction. Documentation is available at

To fully be supported, from our side, what is required is an API that we can write a wrapper for so NuBot can interact with your exchange. @desrever and @woolly_sammoth can answer any technical questions you may have.


The front page of has six different large functional areas that we consider core benefits of using NuBits. From an exchange’s perspective, the main one is “Trading”:

If traders on these exchanges believe the value of their holdings will go down, they will sell their digital currencies for fiat money such as US dollars. The traders then need to either hold the fiat money on an exchange (which can be a target for theft) or withdraw the funds (which can be slow and inconvenient).

NuBits eliminates this frustration. Traders can purchase NuBits as a stable hedge rather than liquidating their holdings to fiat money. These NuBits can then quickly and easily be transferred off exchanges into private wallets. NuBits makes trading digital currencies easier.

What this means is that your users can rely less on USD, and instead hold NBT as a tool for maintaining the USD value of their portfolios. I would imagine that your primary concern is trading volume (for the fees), and that holding additional USD on your exchange only introduces more regulatory/compliance risk.

Of course, in the long term the main benefit of offering NuBits trading is that the market will be demanding it. 2015 will be the year that stable-value digital currency projects become the norm. Of all the projects that currently exist (BitReserve, LOCKS, CoinUSD, BitUSD, Tether, etc.), NuBits has by far been the superior competitor regardless of what metric you use to evaluate success: price stability, liquidity, decentralization, or user simplicity.


You want to use NBT as base currency for your pairs?
Am I getting this right?

Getting excited. … … …