@Ben introduced an good site, hope NBT cooperated with it!



People pay NBT to send u email, anti spam!


Nice. Just tested it, works fine. However only BTC are accepted, do we get a NBT version or do we have to rely on NuDroid and ShapeShift? My new email account is cybnate@wrte.io :smile: Bots, please harvest, but don’t forget the fee!

Edit: hmm, haven’t received the fee yet. Something stuck in the wallet? Usually transactions come through after 40 minutes or so. Am I impatient or?

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I tried to register, but it said “name is empty”. :frowning:

BTW,could we build an email system in a decentralized way? The NSR?BKS signers/holders can build up server pool. And anti-spam by charging NBT.

People can get complete no ads/spam email accounts and pay some NBT.

We need our own ecosystem.

i think STORJ could help in that direction. fully decentralized and encrypted emails :wink:
i would count in also maidsafe and even ethereum.

How could STORJ users stop spam/ads mails?

i don’t know the mechanism but you would pay some fee for each email sent :wink:
actually, you will pay for extra security.

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I’ve sent wrte.io an email asking to discuss integrating NBT. I agree that it would make their service much simpler and more efficient to use NBT.


I thought the fee would return to the sender if the mail is accepted and not regarded as spam by the receiver. Looks like it’s not the case.

If I have two accounts, I can transfer lots of spam mails between each other and attack this system. So IMO, the fee should not be retrievable and must be destroyed for ever.

I think there is the need on market, we honestly need a CLEAN email and almost everyone wanna show how they are important and “Don’t disturb me if no important things”. The VIPs on social media may show off their high email bar, 10$,100$ etc. LOL