B&C shareholder reimbursements

How about USD? Why would you introduce “trading strategies” now and not back then when you turned every single B&C penny into Nubits (at a time where BTC was ridiculously low in price)?
Btw, when are you going to propose the plan for B&C shareholder reimbursements? Should it be in NSR, I would like you to send my NSR to me and I am going to burn my BKS in return. As I owned roughly 2.5% of the network, I should also have a right to claim 2.5% of the BKS NSR funds. Would that be possible? I am not going to dump my NSR, I promise! I strongly believe in the people in charge and in the project overall. Costs for liquidity operations are completely transparent and it is possible for anyone to judge whether this could turn into a profitable business (without trading strategies, as this is not Nu’s business).

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I am interested in getting reimbursed too if there is no plan any more for B&C.

What the shit? Why do not we continue the project?

It seems Sigmike has left B&C. Why are they recruiting a new developer?

@jooize since we don’t really need motions anymore to get things done, how about you pay NSR to B&Cshareholders and they in return burn their BKS? I mean, I wouldn’t even care if you keep those BKS. Do whatever you want to do with them. So could you get a grant going and pay BKS holders proportionally from that back then existing 250 million or so NSR? Can’t recall how many NSR B&Cshareholders were possessing.

Edit: Or would that dilute your holdings too much now and put too much sell pressure on NSR and thereby decrease the value of your NSR holdings? I mean, that is a valid concern. Maybe you can just discuss that transparently and let us know whether you think you can bear some more selling pressure with respect to your private NSR holdings.

@jooize is there anything bad about that suggestion? Nu is to blame for the less of B&C shareholder funds. I think that is beyond any doubt. Nushares Chief of Liquidity Operations “lost” the funds, hence Nu is responsible. Why wouldn’t you get a grant going and pay out all B&C shareholders (or those who would want that)? What is the problem with that?

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We all want and expect B&C Exchange to continue once funding and development expertise is available.

Nu is recruiting a new developer because our current ones are saturated with work, and there are many things we can do to make NuBits better.

@MaVo: B&C Exchange shareholders may pass a motion requesting that, but I believe they see continued development as a realistic future.

I apologize to B&C Exchange that the calculation of NSR losses is taking so long.

You know what your problem is? You are completely missing the point and you are brain dead. People have been robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Apologies don’t matter, actions do. Don’t you realize that? “NSR holders may pass a motion”. Did NSR holders pass a motion that B&CExchange funds get completely converted into NBT, then everything crashed, then again funds were turned into NU assets, those were “lost”.
Dude, NU is to blame, this has nothing to do with a motion or whatever. B&C shareholders are fucked, what is your problem to understand that? Why is it up to Nu what’s going to happen next via motion? You know what? B&C should have the chance to sue fucking Nu and Jordan. I would love to see you telling the judge that Nu shareholders need to pass a motion first. The judge would kick your ass and put you into quarantine in a psychiatry.
“You believe they see continued development as a future”. Nu shareholders don’t matter. It does not fucking matter what Nu shareholders want. Are you getting this point?
B&C SHAREHOLDERS CAN’T EVEN SUBMIT A FUCKING MOTION BECAUSE THEIR SHARES ARE “LOST”. Go and calculate that shit and grant people their shares. Or ask that piece of shit called Jordan to do some nice calculations. Who cares, just come up with a number and that’s it.

The lost shares were B&C Exchange shareholder-owned NuShares held for funding its development. I was suggesting you ask B&C Exchange shareholders to vote using their private BlockShares and authorize Nu to spread the equivalent amount of the lost funds to their shareholders as per your criteria.

No NuShares would be used for voting on such motion, and it would make no sense for shareholders to vote on that motion via their collectively owned shares.

Was there any way to continue the project or did the B&C become shitcoin?We need this exchange, find opportunities to switch resources to it

I beg to differ.
Atomic swaps are around the corner. At least so they say, e.g. between LTC and VTC:

Other atomic swaps will follow.
Until atomic swaps are widespread you can use the Bitshares decentralized asset exchange or others.
What exactly do you need B&C for?

I can tell you what it was good for, but that’s already obvious.

if B&C shareholders pass a motion, would you return those NSR? How to return NSR to BKS address?

I am going to attempt reimbursement of the lost NSR regardless of such motion. Those NSR will be owned by B&C Exchange shareholders to do what they want with, but be held by a trusted agent and not distributed among BlockShare holders unless they pass a motion requesting that. I think I’ll make an NSR grant to myself or possibly the multisig group once we know how much.

There is a B&C Exchange development fund in NSR, that was lost. I believe it will be restored.

The Nu team can only do so much, even if we want B&C Exchange as soon as possible. An excellent way to help both projects is by spreading the word that we’re looking for experienced developers.

Will SIgmike interview that developer? Last time Jordam recruited Eleven but sigmike felt he was not so good.

TIll today, B&C is the worst project among hundreds of ICOs, I will remember B&C in the rest of my life.


How are you going to do that? Doesn’t that require the voting majority? It sounds like you could easily make it happen…

I’ll be sure to ask him.

Haha, I meant create the proposal. Appears you’re right that “make a grant” would mean actually granting the funds.

In face of current developments going on in the crypto space, is B&C still worth pursuing? @jooize could you enlighten us from a technical perspective as you anticipated shareholders would still be interested in seeing B&C be finished one day.

@ConfusedObserver I really liked the language here from @jooize. Can you remember a moment where he has been as honest as here?

Lol, it’s easier than going through the hassle of getting them ‘stolen’ :wink: