B&C shareholder reimbursements

Oh yes, particularly when you control the voting majority of the network and don’t have to ask anyone to vote for you! :wink:
“I’ll make a grant to myself” HAHA

Low diff does you a favor here.

I d like to see that asap. How can we proceed?

Forget it, @cryptog… The person that embezzled the funds gets full support from the person that is now embezzling funds on a daily basis. Do you really think @Phoenix or @jooize are interested in reimbursing us? B&C is dead, and they know it. Competition is right around the corner and way too strong by now (The Blocknet and some others). Handing out Nushares to all of us? That would mean sell pressure, they can’t accept that right now. It would harm their strategy. You will be ignored for many more months to come.