B&C holders, where are you?

Are you silent lambs?Just waiting for death?

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we need nsr to go up…

why? Haven’t B&C shareholder funds been stolen? I am losing oversight, three thefts already… I am sure you all understand me. I mean, @jooize even loses oversight if the number of items to be observed is less than three.

I understand that the funds were all converted to NSRs.
What is the status on that , @jooize @Phoenix ?

There are 75 mil nsr ‘owned’ by B&C at this address:

These were used a lot to mint, so there is not much reason to believe they’re under the control of anyone that will be responsive to BKS motions.

Theyre also only ‘worth’ about $20k.

Don’t be so naive to wait for Nubit which spoiled B&C’s fund and slowed down B&C’s progress. Two years, look what happened on B&C! Is Nubit the father blockchain and is B&C the son? Never!

If the fucking Nubit is still in this coma, should B&C holders continue to treat ourselves as sacrifice?

We should unite together to find way out, even a second crowdfunding! In this bull market, capital is sufficient now.

I’m a big shareholder, @dhume @mavo are also, shareholders can pass motions if we reach agreement.

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I am sorry @Sabreiib, but do you really think I’d waste even more money on a project that is under full control of @JordanLee? Even more absurd, do you really think I’d waste even more money on a project that could make this <50 IQ dude @jooize the Vice Chief of Scam Operations because special seed investors activate their shares and support a motion that says so? Haha, seriously no. Not a single penny from my side. B&C is precisely as shady as Nu and we know where Nu stands today in comparison to Pinkcoin.

After JL’s control is isolated or heavily diluted we can talk about forking BCE and building on its corpse… and another crowdfund. JL can still keep his BCE shares, some of us would just prefer to build an other company without him.

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I sense a use case for Augeas and the efforts that have been put into it already by different developers :slight_smile:

How about publicly listing each shareholder’s forum ID and his/her balance? To avoid a very big shareholder/whale.

I can write white paper of Hayek coin project, we may kick off ICO on bitshare platform.

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