B&C Explorer upkeep concern

Hey guys,

As it stands, the B&C Explorer will go down tomorrow because the domain & SSL cert. will expire. If someone could point me in the direction of someone who controls the funds of B&C Exchange, that would be great.



Are there sources of this explorer?

No not yet. Would you start up a server for the explorer if I did ?

Jordan has disappeared, RSOT motion not passed, so I guess no one will take charge of paying the fee of explorer.But I welcome you provide the source code.

BTW, I am curious about the apathetic of B&C holders, they seems not going to do anything but just sitting there for failure.

i would run a backup instance for sure

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Alright, the domain and SSL for the explorer expire today, so I turned off SSL on the site and linked one of my personal domains to the explorer as a temporary fix (until I open source the explorer). You can now visit the explorer through kenilworth.io.

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Great. You might even want to pick up the bcblockexplorer.com domain when it expires at the end of the day.

Domain name is not very important as long as software is running, in my opinion. What do you think eta of open source might be?

In terms of an ETA, I’d say early next week (Aug. 15 or 16). The code base needs some touch up and documentation.


Take your time, earliest I will have enough time will be early September

Hey guys,

As it stands, there are no more funds to keep the explorer running past Aug. 31st. Meaning, the explorer server will go offline on Sep. 1st.

I hope the community can figure something out before then.


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Here is a PM @JetJet13 sent me and said I could share:

Should we try to pay @JetJet13 what he is asking for?

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Give up the explorer, we have insufficient money, the only way out is B&C begins to operate.

That surprises me. Yes, B&C needs to begin to operate, but the issue of paying for the block explorer is barely related. It will take about 1% of the budget to fund the explorer. We need an explorer so normal people can look up transactions and the results of voting.

I am operating under the presumption current funds will be insufficient to complete the exchange unless they are converted to NSR and NSR goes up quite a bit while they are held. So, paying for the explorer is unlikely to have a material impact on whether the project needs additional funding.

I have heard that exchanges often won’t list an asset that doesn’t have an explorer. It is considered very basic.

Will others comment please? I suspect @Sabreiib is very much in the minority on this question.

If we do nothing, B&C will die silently. So let’s go bold, I would rather like violent death than silent death.

I agree, we need the explorer. Essential basic infrastructure. Probably need to sell a few NBT from the development fund at a loss ($0.85) for this. Unless someone has a better solution? Fundraising of some BKS, not sure if @JetJet13 agrees to be paid in BKS.

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to remind you guys that the explorer will go offline in less than 12 hours.
If you guys agree to keep it going, than I can certainly do that for you guys. If not, I’m sure @backpacker will have one up and running at some point.

I’ll be around all day. Cheers.

Good news everyone,

I received the proper funds to maintain B&C Explorer for the next 12 months.

In regards to the agreement,
If I received $950USD, then I oblige to continue to host and maintain the block explorer for the next 12 months.

Thanks for your cooperation guys,


On an added note, bcblockexplorer.com is now pointing to the explorer.


Thank whoever funded this.