B&C Expenditures


Are we as shareholders allowed to know what we received for that money? Why not start over now with a tiny little bit of transparency and let people know what they just got for 4164.25 USNBT?


Nobody on this forum is interested? Seriously? @Cybnate? @Sabreiib? @cryptog? @crypto_coiner? @JordanLee? @tungsten? @jooize? @henry? @Dhume? @dysconnect?


I am.


@jooize do you mind? I am a shareholder!


I don’t care at all because I have no control of it, let them do anything they will do. I don’t think I can get control of something.


It would be great to know all of this information. Nu isn’t really structured as transparently as I’d like but this authority was voted on and granted, no matter how much you are I disagree with it.


All your bits belong to us.